Online Learning Programs:
  • A+ - A computer application used for credit recovery and elective classes.  Here lessons are presented in a slide presentation for student to read and take notes.  All lessons begin with a pretest if passed (80% or higher) no lesson is presented and student moves on.  If pretest is not passed lesson is presented, follow by practice test(s) and then mastery test(s).  Students must also access worksheets, projects, and videos from this website in order to complete a course.
  • Edgenuity - A web based program for electives.  Here lessons are presented in video format for students to view and take notes. Student may also have labs, web assignments, vocabulary, and journals to complete as well as mastery tests for each lesson. 
  • ACC Online - A web based program for college courses.

MS/HS Schedule
  • 8:05-8:35  Seminar/Plan
  • 8:39-10:09 Block 1
  • 10:13-11:43 Block 2
  • 11:47-12:16 Lunch
  • 12:17-1:47 Block 3
    • 12:17-1:04 Block 3A
    • 1:04-1:49 Block 3B
  • 1:51-3:20 Block 4
    • 1:51-2:35 MS Block 4
    • 2:37-3:20 MS Block 5